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Booking Toolkit for Independent Bands

Photo by Erica Torres Photography In Photograph: Matthew Slusser, Bassist of Phantom Party  If your band is performing live you may think all you need are your instruments and a killer live set, which might have been true 30 years... Continue Reading →


Attention Independent Bands, Don’t Drop Shows!

Musicians are notorious for dropping shows.  Especially in the Southern California area where we have a mixture of every genre crammed between the mountains and the ocean. Yeah sometimes you have to cancel.  Sure there are some reasonable explanations like... Continue Reading →

What is a Residency ?

As odd as it might be, I've had multiple musician friends and music fans ask me "What is a residency?"  Well, as it is, I'm nearing the end of my first residency.  Basically, I come in with my  band every... Continue Reading →

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