Attention Independent Bands, Don’t Drop Shows!

Musicians are notorious for dropping shows.  Especially in the Southern California area where we have a mixture of every genre crammed between the mountains and the ocean.

Yeah sometimes you have to cancel.  Sure there are some reasonable explanations like a band member injury, better show opportunity or tour cancellation, if given proper notice.  But dropping a show the day-of is unprofessional.  Especially if you do not offer a replacement.  Again, there are reasonable exceptions.  But i’ve been seeing bands drop shows almost every day all around Orange County.  These are events hosted by a variety of sources in different locations.

Are there really that many incidents out there?  Or is it just that many unreliable bands?

Event Coordinators and potential band managers pay attention to those things. It’s a liability.

Why does this venue want to book you on another show when you might just drop it last minute with no warning?  They don’t.

What reason does a fan have to come out to see you if you don’t show up? You basically stood them up.

How can a manager take you seriously as a band if you don’t perform?  He won’t, he’s already looking to another band.  And they might not come across you again soon.

Please just stick to your agreements & hold true to your own word.

Is there something I didn’t cover?  Leave a comment or email me your suggestion at ! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Orange County has a major problem with bands that feel they can drop a show whenever they want and most venues have no problem with it. The band I babysit plays no matter what. They also tend to take shows to cover the slots other bands cancel out of. The problem I have seen is that bands are rarely held accountable for their flakiness. Venues will book bands over and over again because it is usually the flaky bands that are constantly bugging the venue to let them play a show. It also doesn’t help when the venue blames the band that was put on the show 2 days before for not bringing in enough people but that is a whole different story.

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